We are a Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy who listen, understand, action and achieve. Our passion lies in helping businesses reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their people…after all, a positive workforce is a productive one. So if you need help with getting the very best out of your people and your organisation, you’ve come to the right place.

Organisational Change

“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed” Peter Senge


The economy and business climate are constantly changing. The fittest businesses survive because they embrace change quickly and effectively, learning from their experiences, applying forward thinking and taking action. When organisational change fails, it is mostly due to a lack of planning and effective management of the process of change, not the change itself.

People Change and Consultation: We are highly experienced in the area of workplace change and transformation and will apply HR best practices in a way that is tailored to your business needs, ensuring the change you need to introduce is not just successfully achieved, but is also sustainable.

We have many years’ experience of leading and managing various change projects and programmes for our clients. We thrive in working through a juicy bit of TUPE transfer, acquisitions, mergers or internal change where our work demonstrates the value of the change you want to achieve. Our track record is unblemished; we don’t have disengaged staff, we empower them to realise the benefits of your change, we walk along your change journey together – we achieve sustainable results.

Outplacement Support Programmes: through drawing in on the experience of our other services lines and products; we can offer bespoke packages to your staff – ranging from workshops to assist in coping with change, 1:1/group tailored CV writing and interview preparation, through to career planning and guidance that may take people to their next steps in their career which may take them on a pathway that is internal or external to your organisation.

Evolving You: Change needs to be driven by confident leaders who have both the competence to deliver, and who openly embrace the desired change. Our approach will enable your corporate and management teams to implement engaging, collaborative and inclusive change strategies and implementation plans. We can help to write your case for change, facilitate the scoping of your change, even lead your programme of change for you if you would rather external support to deliver what needs to be accomplished.

People Projects: Our expert consultants will work within your company principles and systems, and help manage any people projects. They will be there to consult on employment matters for individuals and their managers, incorporating any necessary legislative requirements and will ensure that the processes are handled with the utmost sensitivity, whatever the change is to be introduced. Examples of our work include: changes to pensions arrangements, pay scales, job mapping evaluation programmes, implementing new systems, achieving organisational accreditations – we love applying a good bit of structured methodology to work your change through to the right results.

Case Study:


Challenge: To manage large-scale, complex organisational change programme, transitioning 2 organisations into 15 organisations through TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) and other legislative means (COSOP – Cabinet Office Statement of Practice).

Action: Managed various consecutive consultation phases and designed outplacement programmes and support for all staff. Trained managers to take ownership and lead the change process. We also managed the overall redundancy programme.

Result: Maximised opportunities to redeploy staff and successfully transferred relevant staff to their new roles. Our overall approach was praised by the Chair and Executives of the organisations, and gained excellent recognition for being a ‘good practice’ operation by external auditors.