We are a Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy who listen, understand, action and achieve. Our passion lies in helping businesses reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their people…after all, a positive workforce is a productive one. So if you need help with getting the very best out of your people and your organisation, you’ve come to the right place.

Transactional HR

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions… Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein


The way we work is flexible; we can be your one stop HR shop, or we can deploy an HR super team to work alongside your existing HR team to support them, and to assess and identify opportunities to make your business more productive. Our job is to make sure you are using HR operations to its fullest potential and that you are fully compliant with employment legislation and statutory regulations. Great HR practice equals a happy and productive workforce, which in turn equals great business.

We can give you as much support as you need, leaving you to concentrate on your areas of expertise.

Selecting the Right People for You: Attracting the right people is SO important. Anyone who’s ever hired the wrong person will tell you what a huge impact it can have on a business. So our job is to make sure we get it right from the off. We can simply design your advert, run a campaign for you or manage your entire recruitment process to make sure we find the right resources for you. We’ll spend time getting to you know you so that we know who it is your business needs. People might fit on paper, but we need to know what your x-factor is so that we can find it in a candidate. We can handle the whole process producing job descriptions, managing the search and selection, designing candidate selection and psychometric assessments, through to the ‘offer’ process and onboarding.

Policy & Managing your People Policy & Process: We have many years (!!) HR experience in the field; we are process nerds and proud of it! We can internally review your existing policies and procedures (including staff handbooks, employment documents – offer letters / contracts of employment), through to mapping your recruitment, or absence process, for example, to see where improvements can be made. Or simply ensuring you are compliant with your employed (and non-employed) resources in line with legislation and regulations. Our management of personnel files is slick, we create order.

Effective Conflict Resolution: Your business is at its most productive when your employees are content…but in reality that is not always the case. We are only human and situations arise where we may not always see eye to eye; we may not conduct ourselves in the right way unintentionally/intentionally or simply as a result of human error – mistakes are made, situations go beyond our capability and we need to make corrections to get things right and prevent such situations arising in the future. As employers, you may need to intervene. Whatever the case may be, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach or a quick fix. Instead we see it as more effective to treat every matter on a case-by-case basis and deliver confidential HR Clinics to proactively manage any current (or potential) matter. We’ll work with individuals, teams, and departments to resolve situations and find practical solutions to avoid destructive differences (which can impact on productivity and performance) and restore the balance and rebuild relations. Our reputation in this field speaks for itself – our strapline comes to life; it really is ‘all about the people’.

People Planning for the future: We love data and information and have real expertise in demonstrating how such core content to your business can be of value – whether through effective workforce reporting (on turnover/attrition, absence trends, creating a more diverse / successively planned workforce), we can design for you, or review your existing mechanisms to providing meaningful workforce data. We’re living in a digital age and it’s vital that you get the most informative snapshot of your business as possible. Information about your workforce is invaluable to understanding where there’s opportunity for improvement and we can present it in a way that’s easy to understand and informative (which makes it attractive to a wide range of stakeholders and means they’re more likely to read your reports!)

However much help you may need we are the people to offer the solution that is right for your business, so give us a call and we can talk it through.

Case Study:

Singapore Ministry of Health

Challenge: Singapore is Asia’s leading medical hub, providing internationally accredited, world class healthcare for international patients. You HR Consultancy was asked to work in partnership with the Singapore Ministry of Health to source over 50 British clinical professionals who were looking for an opportunity to work overseas, with roles ranging from students to highly skilled clinicians, from the nursing to physiotherapists professions.

Action: We worked directly with various partners and departments of the Ministry of Health to ensure that posts where successfully filled.

Result: Successfully recruited all posts within the 2 month timeframe. A great opportunity for us to work virtually on an international platform.