We are a Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy who listen, understand, action and achieve. Our passion lies in helping businesses reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their people…after all, a positive workforce is a productive one. So if you need help with getting the very best out of your people and your organisation, you’ve come to the right place.

Workplace Wellbeing

“You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life” Renee West


Engaging & Involving Your People: A positive workforce is a productive one. And while that sounds like a case of stating the obvious it is still overlooked in so many businesses. Sitting in an employment tribunal it is incredible how much could have been avoided through simply making employees feel valued and/or included. Your workplace culture and values are key to establishing a healthy working environment. We help to shape and develop your culture in a way that reflects your values, engages your people, and promotes positive performance.

As part of creating a motivating environment to work in, we can help you devise cost-effective, yet inspiring bonus and incentive schemes, helping to drive enthusiasm, productivity and performance across all levels of the organisation.

Workplace wellness strategies: Whatever your need may be around engaging, involving and communicating staff, we can assist you – using modern approaches to survey staff and measure levels of satisfaction, identify areas of development and improvement. Our strategies, plans and processes built on to existing client work or designing new models, have proven to increase staff satisfaction. We can also help you devise cost-effective, health and wellbeing schemes and benefits, such as discounts to fitness centre’s and encouraging eat well options.

Promoting a Positive Workplace Presence: Feeling well in work is vital for individuals’ and for organisations, identifying what schemes, strategies and support that will enable a healthy workplace is a must. We thrive on improving the core health and wellbeing needs of your company into tangible people actions, supporting campaigns to improve levels/types of absence and generally promoting the effectiveness to staff and managers. Health and Wellbeing is a hot topic, more prominent in the public eye than ever before.

Employee Assistance: We can offer a confidential programme for staff on the phone, email and face to face counselling, where required for up to 6 sessions for each individual. A programme like ours can be invaluable for all staff, but particularly for people that want an independent confidential support to help them address any multitude of matters where they need assistance to work them through.

You HR are passionate about ensuring wellness in the workplace is practiced at its best and to demonstrate the benefits it brings.

Case Study:

Right Management

Challenge: You HR Consultancy was asked to design and deliver a management training programme that positively addressed the issues in managing health and wellbeing within a large organisation.

Action: We developed the programme and materials to be very interactive, ensuring we generated a creative learning environment, and through using ‘real case examples’ all delegates were able to take something away with them.

Result: With over 80 managers attending the training and an overall average score of 4 out of a maximum 5 for satisfaction, the programme was deemed a great success!