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Cordell Health Logo

Cordell Health are our experts in workplace safety, mental health and wellbeing. We have partnered with them for 3 years and believe them to be the best in their field. Quality is at the forefront of their service delivery and we find their advice invaluable. We value their support in dealing with absence and stress in the workplace and access their risk assessments amongst other services. Cordell Health also provide some excellent training courses to keep our own learning up to date which enables us to provide a comprehensive approach to occupational health matters for our clients.

Hempsons Logo

Hempsons are a fabulous firm of award winning leading lawyers for health and social care, healthtech, charities and social enterprises.
They understand the evolutionary progress taking shape within these sectors and provide proactive and practical advice and guidance on the legislation that applies.
You HR’s long standing relationship with Hempsons stems from their mutual understanding to provide clients with the right advice at the right time in a cost efficient manner. Committing to knowing the boundaries between the roles of HR and employment law, You HR and Hempsons have demonstrated seamless support to clients across a range of topics and provided effective and efficient resolution through committing to understanding the client’s needs, objectives and business environments.

Modus Logo

It’s any good accountants’ job to help you crunch your numbers and save you money when submitting your tax returns. Modus is different, owned by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, they use your financial data to generate useful information, offering more to help you make better business decisions in addition to covering your bare basic accountancy needs.

Based in Witney, West Oxfordshire, they share the same values as You HR in having a refreshing approach to fully understanding their clients’ needs and aspirations to drive their business forward. We have experienced this first hand which is why we have partnered with Modus to enable You HR Clients to benefit from such great financial and business support also, whether you are a start-up or an established business, that undoubtedly will be of benefit to you. Email for more information.

Moorcrofts Logo

Moorcrofts are our lean and dynamic employment law partner with decades of creative thinking, pragmatism and commercial sense. They provide us and our clients with legal advice and guidance to make the right business decisions. We have utilised assistance from Moorcrofts through obtaining endorsement, where required, on the content of our products and services. We also receive excellent advice on a range of difficult matters across the full employment life cycle; from recruitment to termination, outcomes reached are always to our and our clients satisfaction.

breathe Logo

breathe Certified Partner Qualification
We partner with breathe, an online employee management system. This is a user friendly software which comes at an affordable price and allows you to manage your employees. breathe is a cloud HR software solution designed to tame the chaos so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people.

As a silver awarded breathe certified partner we have rolled breathe HR out to a number of our retained clients as well as using breathe ourselves. The system allows us to have access to our clients portfolios so we can manage their personnel records and data alongside them. This works really well for clients using our elite and excellence retained services as it supports a virtual way of working and allows us to both have access to a central storage place to keep up to date with HR matters. Our Office Manager, Gemma loves how much time breathe saves her in annual leave requests!

Find out more here or request a breathe demo now

Sobell Logo

You HR are proud via its B4 membership to support Sobell House as one of our partners. Since 1976 Sobell House has been providing end of life care throughout Oxfordshire. At any one time we are supporting around 500 people in the community, the local hospitals and in the actual hospice. Sobell House provides incredible care and this is only possible because of the support from local and business communities. You HR are sponsoring Sobell House’s membership of B4 through the NEXUS programme and through this support it enables You HR to offer our consultancy support and also to connect via B4 with wide range of local businesses and support opportunities. To see more of what Sobell do please visit their website