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“What business exists without people? Knowing how to manage people in your business is the best time and cost saving you can invest in.” – Jonna Mundy

Everyday HR Support Branch of You HR Tree of People Growth

Our transactional HR service offering means we can be your one stop Human Resources shop for any HR need. Even if you have HR covered in your business, our expert team can work alongside your existing employees that may be responsible for HR and give them more capacity or enhance their capability.

Our main purpose with transactional HR is to ensure that your HR infrastructure is in place and robustly enables you to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether focusing on your policies, processes, strategies, systems or simply the way you recruit and retain the right staff in the right roles, we ensure your business is well governed and operating in accordance with UK statutory legislative and regulatory compliance as a dutiful employer.

Our job is to make your life easier and remove any inefficiencies in the way your HR is delivered. We enhance the effectiveness of your HR, embracing equality and consistency of standards for all (employees and any other workers). Providing HR structure as a model employer will give you a satisfied workforce… A satisfied workforce will give you a return on investment through increased performance and productivity.

We can give you as much support as you need, leaving you to concentrate on your business, having peace of mind that we are working alongside you and dealing with any HR matters proactively and purposefully.

HR Advice & Guidance:
We have been providing HR advice and guidance to clients for decades and have seamlessly worked through a fascinating portfolio of situations; whether equipping clients with the basic essentials, dealing with pressing HR problems, or building on their existing HR they have in place. Our Team can advise and guide on the whole of HR. We can:

  • Provide instant advice and guidance on any HR matter through our Pay As You Go/Retained HR service,
  • Review, create, implement, manage any aspect of HR in your business that you need us to assist on through our Pay As You Go/Retained HR service,
  • Undertake an effective HR audit to draw out priorities that we can focus on through our Retained HR service,
  • Design for you or review your existing mechanisms to provide meaningful workforce data to provide effective workforce reporting (on turnover/attrition, absence trends, creating a more diverse / successively planned workforce).

However much help you may need we are the people to offer the solution that is right for your business, so give us a call and we can talk it through or get in touch by completing our contact form by clicking here.

Staff Contracts, Handbooks & Core HR Documents:
We are compliance nerds and proud of it! We love process and conforming to employment legislation and demonstrating how this can be interpreted into everyday practice within your business. Not having the essentials in place or managing HR matters correctly, can have a costly impact on your business. Let us demonstrate how we can be of best value to your business by putting in place best practice in:

  • Review your existing or create; policies and procedures (including staff handbooks, employment documents – offer letters / contracts of employment, handbooks, aligning processes to your HR systems; annual leave, sick leave, appraisal, training, other types of leave, employee relations – grievances / disciplinary processes),
  • Train your managers and staff in how HR should be applied in your workplace,
  • Ensure you have the right mechanisms and systems in place for managing HR policy and process,
  • Demonstrating the breadth and depth of our expertise, underpinned by our employment law partners, in areas such as managing non-employed resources.

Recruitment & Retention:
Attracting the right people is SO important. Anyone who’s ever hired the wrong person will tell you what a huge impact it can have on a business, not to mention the cost of re-recruiting. We can handle your whole recruitment experience and advise and guide you on where you need to focus to ensure you retain the right staff in the right roles. Our services include:

  • Role design, Job description and Person Specification evaluation,
  • Managing your entire recruitment campaign, including search and selection,
  • Designing candidate interview and selection solutions, including psychometric assessments,
  • Managing your ‘offer’ process and onboarding,
  • Review your existing methods of retention, analyse your data and information and explore what your staff are looking for, to create a retention strategy that will best work for you.

Investigations, Mediation & Dispute Resolution:
Your business is at its most productive when your employees are content…but in reality that is not always the case. We are only human, and situations arise where we may not always see eye to eye. As employers, you may need to intervene and dealing with HR employment related matters efficiently and effectively is vital to minimise the impact on your business, others in the workplace and becoming an unnecessary time consuming cost to your business. Whatever the case may be, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach or a quick fix. Instead we see it as more effective to treat every matter on a case-by-case basis. We are proud of our unblemished record (we’re 100% tribunal free) of successfully managing some of the most complex HR employment issues that have arisen for our clients through:

  • Undertaking workplace HR investigations (including whistle blowing, grievances, disciplinaries, fraud),
  • Managing informal or formal grievances, complaints or other disputes,
  • Managing informal or formal disciplinary proceedings,
  • Conducting facilitated conversations,
  • Mediation.

Case Study:

HPiVS Logo


Challenge: To align an array of employment contracts that had different terms and conditions.

Action: YHRC supported and navigated the client through a consultation period with employees to change their terms and conditions and put in place a single employment contract which is compliant and up to date with recent case law, legislation and GDPR. The new contract ensures fairness and equal terms and conditions.

Result: All employees signed their new employment contract and the consultation ran smoothly and fairly. This exercise had additional benefits as it engaged employees by asking for their involvement, the client now has peace of mind that the terms and conditions of employment are fair equal and compliant, and the consultation was conducted inline with best practise guidance, as well as being all wrapped up in 21 days.

“Research confirms what we intuitively know; aligned, innovative, and integrated HR practices make a dramatic difference in individual and organisational performance… People are our greatest asset” – Dave Ulrich

People Development & Business Optimisation Branch of You HR Tree of People Growth

People are the key to the success of any business. Our aim is to help you develop your people, creating a high performing teams that operates in a positive and inclusive work environment where all employees feel valued, respected and able to contribute and develop to their fullest potential.

We help organisations understand their ‘people’ needs, We inspire leaders, managers and supervisors to enhance their competencies and skills, and enable their potential to progress. We thrive on sharing HR best practice to ensure your staff and managers can operate an open and transparent employment relationship.

Training Workshops and Facilitated Programmes:
Skills of great leaders and managers evolve over time, development needs nurturing and investment. We help businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, working alongside both members of the board, business owners, to every employee level. No business is too big or too small to benefit from our guidance on People and Organisational Development.

We carefully analyse your businesses management and leadership ‘people’ training needs, evaluate any gaps in the knowledge, capability and skill and determine the best training solutions to introduce and achieve maximum development that evidently demonstrates a return on your investment through the improved performance of your people. We can bespoke our products, aligned to your business and what you are looking for, including:

  • Board Organisational Development workshops and seminars,
  • Senior Leaders and Managers master-classes,
  • ILM Certificated People Management Development Programmes,
  • Team Development,
  • HR best practice (for managers and staff).

Whether you need to engage, involve, motivate, develop or satisfy your staff, we can work alongside you to develop your leaders, your managers and your organisation based on the goals you want to achieve. We host the best team building and development days that are memorable, with long lasting results that make an instant difference to the workplace.

Advancing Performance, Pay & Reward:
Having plans in place that embrace your top performers, whilst supporting those that need support to develop and perform, requires careful consideration and planning to ensure success. We can help you manage your talent and set-out your future succession planning by designing performance and appraisal frameworks that have systems and processes in place to monitor and track individual activity. We can even include pay, incentives and reward schemes within your framework that specifically support your plans for growth, bringing to life individual and organisational benefits, focusing on:

  • Building or enhancing your existing Performance and Appraisal Framework,
  • Training managers and staff in the Appraisal process,
  • Undertaking or introduce robust solutions to manage Pay Reviews,
  • Reviewing staff incentives and recognition,
  • Addressing any areas where performance is not where you want it to be.

You HR Online Academy:
Our Academy can provide you with your own online secure area where all employees can access the training you assign them. We can create a complete package of e-learning solution specifically for your business, or you can gain access to our standard online courses and programmes; ranging from statutory and mandatory training, our standard people management modules, through to fully accredited ILM People Management qualifications. To find out more, click here to go to our You HR Academy website.

Coaching and Mentoring:
Our professional coaches and mentors have a range of experience in supporting executive teams, professional managers, as well as those venturing out at the start of their management career. With a track record of successful individual and organisational results, our team will add great value in any coaching or mentoring situation. We can provide:

  • A programme of x6 virtual or face to face coaching sessions,
  • Group situational coaching programmes,
  • Mentoring programmes,
  • Train managers to be equipped with coaching skills.

Case Study:

Europa Logo

Europa Ltd

Are a family run printing company, based in South London and employing 20 staff. They were looking for assistance to ensure they were complying with employment legislation requirements and operating with good standards of people management.

Challenge: To review the client’s Employee Relations and Development processes from an HR Good Practice perspective, assessing what the client already had in place, and recommending how to adapt and transition into new ways of working.

Action: Successfully supported the Managing Director of this SME to critically review current Employee Relations and Development practice, offering innovative new ideas and building on existing processes.

Result: Put in place a ‘good practice’ Employee Relations management process and delivered the desired Development Programme for key managers, as well as initiating an Employee Training programme for all individuals in the company. Also introduced a robust company Management Induction Programme, which has proved successful to both current and new employees.

“With no previous HR in place, You HR were quickly able to identify, through undertaking an HR Healthcheck Audit, what the priorities were to focus on to improve the management of personnel records, embed policy and process and deal with a number of longstanding staffing matters. Their support was invaluable to us and really helped us to progress as a business whilst they dealt with HR for us.” Kevin Ebrahim, Managing Director

“The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.” – John. P. Kotter

Business Growth, Change & Development Branch of You HR Tree of People Growth

The economy and business climate are constantly changing. The fittest businesses survive because they embrace change quickly and effectively, learning from their experiences, applying forward thinking and taking action. When organisational change fails, it is mostly due to lack of communication and engagement, this may be from the outset of planning change, effectively managing the change process, or failing to overcome barriers to the change. It is rarely the case that change fails due to the change itself.

Tailored HR Projects:
Our experts will become part of your team, immersing themselves within your business, your principles, vision and purpose, to competently set out the change to be achieved. They can successfully drive forwards any employment matters requiring staff consultation, covering a range of areas, including:

  • Changes to Pension Arrangements,
  • Staff Benefits Analysis,
  • Pay Scale Reviews,
  • Role Redesign and Evaluation,
  • Achieving Organisational Accreditations,
  • Redeployment and Redundancies.

Business Evaluation & Redesign Support:
We are highly experienced in the area of workplace change and transformation and will apply HR best practice. We have experience of achieving success in:

  • Organisational Restructures,
  • People elements of TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment),
  • People elements of Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Process Redesign or Systems change and implementation.

Staff Consultations:
Knowing how to engage staff in business change and when is vital. Communication is the key to success, and methodically mapping out your change process and determining what needs to be communicated to who – this could be a whole range of stakeholders involved in/impacted by your change is crucial. Our track record of enabling sustainable change is faultless. We believe this is due to ensuring our core values (listen, understand, action, achieve) enable us to tailor our approach for every piece of change we deliver. We can help you to:

  • Facilitate sessions to help you identify the components of your change,
  • Develop a robust case for change,
  • Train your managers to become Change Leaders,
  • Deliver your change programme for you.

Outplacement Support Programmes:
When individuals’ are placed at risk of redundancy is usually when reality really sets in and can often generate a multitude of different situations for each individual. Emotions and feelings such as; fear, anxiety, lack of control, uncertainty, can be difficult to manage without support. Through drawing on our years of experience in managing successful change, we can offer bespoke packages to you, ranging from:

  • Workshops (for managers and staff) in coping with / preparing for change,
  • 1:1 or group facilitated CV writing programmes,
  • Coaching and interview preparation,
  • Career planning, guidance and coaching that can progress people to the next step in their career.

Case Study:

London Fire Brigade Logo

London Fire Brigade

Challenge: To review a range of highly manual and labour intensive paper based HR processes across an organisation of circa 5,000 employees and to make recommendations of an optimal staffing structure to deliver overall efficiencies. The project is following Prince 2 Methodology with a duration of approximately 12 months.

Action: YHRC has worked with stakeholders from the immediate HR team and actual customers to develop process flows that illustrate the current state. From this a series of three workshops were facilitated to pinpoint short term and longer term opportunities for process improvements. Refreshed process flows were then created detailing benefits in terms of time and cost savings together with planned improvement in customer experience.

Result: As we approach the end of the project we are now in the piloting and testing phase before formally rolling out leaner processes. Some recommendations are immediate and others are longer term though the initial sample feedback has been positive with HR team members enjoying greater role variety in their new structure and customers experiencing smoother processes; knowing how long it will take to have their requests actioned and understanding what the process entails.

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel, and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Anthony Robbins

Workplace Wellbeing Branch of You HR Tree of People Growth

Fostering employee well-being is beneficial for people and business. Promoting well-being in the workplace can help prevent ill-health whilst creating a positive working environment where individuals and businesses can thrive. Having workplace wellbeing as a key focus in your business can enable employee engagement and organisational performance. Promoting and supporting workplace wellbeing is at the heart everything we do, our focus to champion this for our clients generates benefits for people, businesses, economies and communities. When people are well, businesses can thrive and societies flourish. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are keen to demonstrate to our clients how should be more than meeting basic needs, people relish in have purpose and be able to contribute to economic growth and community development. The fast-changing world of work and the fluctuating demands it places on employers and employees means that focusing on workplace wellbeing is forever evolving.

Engaging & Improving Your Staff:
A positive workforce is a productive one. While this sounds like a case of stating the obvious it is still overlooked by so many businesses. It is incredible how many employment tribunals could have been avoided by simply making employees feel valued and/or included. Your workplace culture and values are key to establishing a healthy working environment. We can:

  • Create tailor made online (confidential if required) surveys that focus on employee engagement and satisfaction,
  • Facilitate a series of workshops to build on survey results and engage your employee in creating actions to progress and build the culture you and they want for your business,
  • Review communication, engagement and involvement mechanisms within your business to ensure that employee input is prevalent and focused on achieving your organisational goals/objectives and ultimately your vision.

Workplace Wellness Strategies:
Whatever area of business or industry you work within, mental health as well as physical health are crucial elements to nurture in the employment relationship. With statistics showing that 1 in 4 experience some form of mental or physical illness, or both in the workplace, having a strategy in place to prevent and minimise issues from arising is an effective way to proactively act. We can help you to:

  • Create a motivating environment to work in, we can review your existing and help you devise cost-effective, meaningful and inspiring wellness initiatives, to drive enthusiasm, productivity and performance across all levels of the organisation, aligned to your vision and values,
  • Help you to create a workplace wellness strategy,
  • Provide training for managers and staff in managing wellness in the workplace, centred around your strategic approach.

Promoting a Positive Workplace Presence:
Feeling well in work is vital for individuals’ and for organisations. Identifying what schemes, support, process and entitlement applies will enable a healthy workplace. We thrive on improving the core health and wellbeing needs of your company into tangible people actions, supporting campaigns to improve levels/types of absence and generally promoting the effectiveness to staff and managers. Health and Wellbeing is a hot topic, more prominent in the public eye than ever before. Let us help you to:

  • Address any existing cases of sickness absence,
  • Ensure your processes to manage all types of absence are robust and supportive for your business and your employees,
  • Analyse your data and information to identify ways where action needs to be taken when attendance may be a concern,
  • Train your managers and staff in how to ensure a positive workplace presence in your business.

Employee Assistance Programme:
We can offer a confidential programme of support for employees to assist in any matters, work related or otherwise, where they may need assistance, A programme like ours can be invaluable for all employees, but particularly for people that want an independent confidential support to help them address any multitude of matters where they need assistance to work them through. We can provide:

  • Phone and email advice and guidance,
  • Face to face counselling, up to 6 sessions for each individual,
  • Access to our online Academy will be available soon as a product that clients can use that will provide employee advice online.

Case Study:

Right Management Logo

Right Management

Challenge: You HR Consultancy was asked to design and deliver a management training programme that positively addressed the issues in managing health and wellbeing within a large organisation.

Action: We developed the programme and materials to be very interactive, ensuring we generated a creative learning environment, and through using ‘real case examples’ all delegates were able to take something away with them and put their learning into practice in a live enviroment.

Result: With over 80 managers attending the training and an overall average score of 4 out of a 5 for satisfaction from delegates that attended, the programme was deemed a great success!