Collection of Polaroids of the You HR team

Hello, I’m Jim a HR Consultant at You HR Consultancy

My Background:

My grandfather was my hero and a Barclays Bank Manager in the 1960s. Turning the ripe old age of 16 I followed in his footsteps and started work in Barclays in 1982 as the office junior where the main responsibilities were opening and closing the doors on time. This then progressed to working on the counter which had some superb times. Over the years progressed through many roles culminating in recognising that getting professionally qualified would be a wise move and attained the CIPD qualification. In total was employed by Barclays for 28 years and then was approached by Santander where I stayed for a further 6 years.


My Approach:

I’ve had the privilege of working with some great colleagues over the years – also a few shocking ones. I endeavour to listen actively and see situations from the viewpoints of all parties wherever possible. I also recognise that whilst I have lots of experience in certain areas, I still have much to learn in others.


Why You HR Consultancy:

I believe I have made the right choice in accepting a position here as the culture is fantastic and the ethos is one of delivering quality work for our clients. The fact that the Consultancy also undertakes pro bono work from time to time is also extremely healthy.


My Interests:

Sport has always been a huge part of my life and I was far better at it than homework. Principle interests are rugby and squash though pretty much any game with a ball will do.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit some far-flung places probably stemming from living in Australia for a year when very young. Highlights include going overland from Hong Kong to Rotterdam taking in the journey across Russia and Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Express .