Collection of Polaroids of the You HR team

Hello, I’m Jonna, CEO at You HR Consultancy

My background:

My first ‘job’ (age 10) was working in Chris the barbers in Lewisham on a Saturday on a 10 hour shift for £5 a day. I certainly realised at a young age that you get out of life what you put into it!

After finishing my studies and holding down a number of part-time jobs, I started my career in insurance, then banking but realised numbers weren’t my strong point. So I decided to travel and work and that’s where my passion for people really ignited. On return to the UK, I landed a fantastic opportunity working for Royal Mail as a Consultant across multiple projects when I was asked to take on Human Resources (I had no clue what this department was about!). Several years later and with my CIPD complete, I was head hunted to work for Centrica, then for the NHS – it was whilst on maternity I realised how much I missed the variety of work I had at Royal Mail and that got me thinking… You HR was born!

My approach:

I have an analytical mind and I’m a short-sleeper so I’m always full of energy, creativity and raring to go (don’t give me too much caffeine!). Both traits help massively in being able to methodically work though what needs to be achieved each day in the world of You HR. I like to be planned and organised but I’ve learnt in running a business that being able to work with agility is a must.

If I was to sum up my approach in one word it would be ‘collaborative’.

Why You HR Consultancy:

Because it’s all about the people!

Prior to setting up You HR, I was been fortunate enough in my career/life in general to foster great experiences from amazing opportunities along with learning and observing things that didn’t quite go to plan – we are after all only human!

People have always fascinated me; there’s nothing better than having a bit of wind down time, watching the world go by and observing different idiosyncrasies when ‘people watching’.

All my experiences helped to crystallise my vision for You HR, and define our niche, our purpose where we perform at our best – to work through people situations in work in the right way, well, and achieve the right outcomes.

We practice what we preach and recognise that understanding people in the workplace is never ending!

Jonna Laughing at a Photoshoot

My interests:

Family is everything and I love to live life to its fullest potential. There’s nothing better in the world than spending time with those closest to me; exploring, being adventurous, any excuse to get out and about and try something new or different. That said I equally enjoy being snuggled up watching a movie on the sofa.

One thing I will say is that I’m not a creature of habit so my interests change but whatever I’m up to I always have a constant theme of physical and mental wellbeing. I think it’s important for us all and particularly when you have a career in HR!

I am a foodie and appreciate a decent glass of wine. I’d like to say what my favourite cuisine is but that’s a tough one… For me it’s more about the celebration of eating, like the French do… a time for people to come together and enjoy, not just merely cherishing the taste.