We are a Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy who listen, understand, action and achieve. Our passion lies in helping businesses reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their people…after all, a positive workforce is a productive one. So if you need help with getting the very best out of your people and your organisation, you’ve come to the right place.

Amy Pearson

Hello, I’m Amy a HR Adviser at You HR Consultancy

My Background:

I spent just under 5 years in the Geotechnical Engineering environment as a standalone HR practitioner.  A change was needed with my inquisitive personality I wanted to see what other environments, sectors and HR team dynamics had to offer.  So set out on a contracting mission.  Here I am 6 years on from that.  I relish new opportunities to meet people from different walks of life.  I love challenging and mentoring people to develop.


My Approach:

I like to think I bring a professional, firm but fair approach to a business.  I will always challenge and push back.  I like to play devils advocate, I want people to explore all the options that might be available to them.  I believe in growing talent to take over me.  I am keen to increase managers abilities and thoughts.  I like to train and develop people (this makes my job a little easier).


Why You HR Consultancy

Why not?  When you like variety in life, why wouldn’t you want it in your job.  Adding the spice of “difference” to the day job, creates a passion and desire to deliver.  Keeping continuity in service, values and personality.  Additionally the crazy team, nice offices and treat box are a good incentive too.

My Interests:

I love a challenge as mentioned, so will always try and have something outside keeping my crazy real.  This could be a mountain, an ocean or following my pledge in giving back.  Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Beagle welfare are key in my life.  I volunteer for both charities, trying to raise awareness and raise much needed funds.